Arctic 10-Port PWM Case Fan Hub

The Arctic 10-Port PWM Case Fan Hub makes managing your PC cooling setup easy. This hub allows you to connect and control up to ten PWM fans from a single point, enhancing airflow and simplifying cable management.

Efficient Cable Management

This hub connects directly to your motherboard using a single PWM cable. It significantly reduces the number of cables required. The hub receives power through a SATA connection, ensuring stable power delivery to all connected fans. This setup streamlines cable management and ensures efficient fan operation.

Key Features

  • Ten PWM Fan Ports: Supports up to ten 4-pin PWM fans, providing comprehensive cooling control.
  • SATA Power Connection: Ensures reliable power delivery to all fans.
  • Compact and Flexible Design: Includes adhesive pads and magnetic strips for flexible mounting within your case.
  • Synchronous Fan Control: Fans can be controlled synchronously via the motherboard’s PWM signal, allowing for automated speed adjustments.


  • Model Number: ACFAN00175A
  • Fan Ports: 10 x 4-pin PWM
  • Power Input: SATA
  • Dimensions: 86.3 mm (L) x 55.6 mm (W) x 14.3 mm (H)
  • Weight: 50 g
  • Input Current: Up to 4.5 A
  • Output Current: Up to 1 A per port

Versatile Applications

The hub is perfect for high-performance gaming rigs and workstations. It is also suitable for any PC build requiring extensive cooling. Whether you need to manage multiple case fans or ensure adequate airflow across several radiators, this hub provides the necessary connectivity and control.

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Ease of Installation

Installation is straightforward. Connect the hub to a motherboard PWM header and a SATA power source. Use the included adhesive pads or magnetic strips to secure the hub within your case. This ease of use makes it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced builders.


The Arctic 10-Port PWM Case Fan Hub offers a practical and efficient solution for managing multiple PWM fans in your PC. Its streamlined design, reliable power delivery, and flexible mounting options enhance both the performance and aesthetics of your build​.