Residential Services

Boom I.T. does house calls. We offer delivery, installation, and maintenance for all your home’s technology. From purchasing a desktop computer to getting your home theatre up and running; Boom I.T.’s skilled, friendly staff are at your service.

We can help you set up and enjoy these services at home:

  • Computer (laptops, desktops, printers, large and small displays)
  • Internet Cabling/Data Services
  • Home Theatre Set-Up / Maintenance
  • Training

In-home WiFi

Are your family members always complaining about WiFi not working properly? It can be frustrating that WiFi “works” even when it’s broken and can be even more frustrating when you know your devices should be faster and even more frustrating when you “fix” it only to feel marginal improvements.

Remember that many of your devices are replaced every 2-3 years and wireless infrastructure can limit your shiny new devices.  Often the most effective solution is a combination of tuning and new radios.  Boom I.T. can share many success stories about WiFi gone well (even in challenging and large homes).

Let us assess your home and then use our experience and coverage-mapping tools to implement some appropriately chosen and placed access points and/or repeaters and bring you a working WiFi that allows data to flow for gaming, streaming, internet use, and family happiness!

Call us now to help make your home a happy and connected home!

System Delivery and Setup

Maybe setting up a system is not your thing and knowing where all the cabling needs to be is a little daunting.  If you’ve got mobility limitations and your computer needs repair, give us a call and we’ll arrange to pick up, repair, and return your system.  Our rates are very affordable and you’re sure to receive professional and trustworthy service in your home.

When you’re talking with one of our agents, ask about our in-home services.


We all know that Microsoft and Apple operating systems for computers, tablets, and phones change frequently, and sometimes there is just no substitute for in-person training.  We always suggest that you consider local resources such as:

If you’d like one-on-one services Boom I.T. will help.  We’ll develop a list of your questions, prepare a training session, answer your questions and then leave the curriculum and references for you to build upon.  Boom I.T. will pair you with a junior technician and arrive at your door to start your personal training.

Contact us by phone if you’re interested in one-on-one personalized training.