Boom I.T. is committed to customer service and provides the following non-negotiable policies:

Section I – Return Policy

Boom I.T. maintains a return policy of five (5) days from date of purchase*, provided original invoice/receipt/estimate is supplied at the time of return.

Christmas return policy allows for returns within fourteen (14) days from December 25.

  • All packaging must be provided in a resalable new and unopened condition (to be determined by Boom I.T. Staff) and are subject to a minimum 15% restocking fee.
  • Any item returned with damaged / incomplete packaging is subject to a 50% restocking fee.
  • Certain items may require testing* prior to return.
  • Any computer system that is being returned is subject to a 15% restocking fee plus a minimum $89.99 operating system / return to the factory-default fee.
  • Cancellations of orders for custom computer systems are subject to a 15% restocking fee plus a minimum $89.99 operating system / return to the factory-default fee.
  • Returns/cancellations of purchase* orders are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Any refund shall include the price paid by the customer less restocking fees, shipping, and handling costs paid by Boom I.T. and do not include shipping costs and insurance paid by the Customer.

Non-refundable items include:

  • Special orders*
  • All storage media (hard drives, flash drives, mobile storage, etc) whose packaging has been compromised
  • All keyboards, mice, headphones, microphones, laptop bags, tools, cans of compressed air
  • Any software that has been activated/licensed on behalf of the customer and remains payable to Boom I.T.  In this case, the software shall be provided to the customer, once the invoice is paid.

Non-refundable items are also non-exchangeable.

Section II – Warranty Information

Lenovo product warranty:

  • As authorized, Boom I.T. shall provide in-house or on-site service for Lenovo systems per the manufacturer’s warranty.  These warranties are defined in the purchase agreement.
  • Typical warranty coverage is three years for desktops.
  • Typical warranty coverage is one year for laptops.

Boom I.T. desktop warranty:

  • Boom I.T. custom-built desktops are furnished with a one-year limited warranty.
  • Re-certified desktops come with a 30-day limited warranty.
  • Boom I.T. warranties are void if the customer opens the system chassis.
  • If a defective part requires removal prior to transport, the replacement part will be the customer’s responsibility for re-installation.
  • Other external peripherals (for example speakers, webcams, keyboards, mice, printers, scanners, uninterruptible power supplies) are covered for a Boom I.T. warranty period of thirty (30) days.
  • Items may be warranted by the manufacturer (beyond the Boom I.T. warranty period).  In this case, Boom I.T. will be happy to facilitate a manufacturer’s RMA process by giving the necessary information to create a manufacturer RMA.

Laptop/Notebook warranty:

  • Boom I.T. laptops/notebooks come with a one-year, in-house warranty except where otherwise stated.
  • Refurbished/Off-Lease Laptops/Notebooks come with a 30-day return to factory warranty.

Boom I.T. server warranty:

  • Boom I.T. built servers are warranted for one year.  Details of the warranty are specified in the purchase agreement/invoice.

Desktop / Laptop / Server replacement part warranty:

  • Replacement parts provided under warranty by Boom I.T. are warranted to the extent of the original warranty.

Pre-manufactured product warranty:

  • Boom I.T. provides a limited replacement warranty on components or peripherals purchased through Boom I.T.
  • These products are warranted by Boom I.T. for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of the invoice/receipt.
  • Testing may be required to determine the warranty coverage.  If through testing, the product is determined to be provided per the manufacturer’s specifications and without fault, testing charges will apply at a minimum cost of $50 per tested component.

Warranty Limitations:

  • Boom I.T. will defer to any manufacturer’s warranty limitations.
  • Software is sold as-is, including manufacturer faults, and maybe further subject to an End User License Agreement provided by the manufacturer.
  • The customer/client is responsible to manage any license key information.
  • The customer is required to transport the merchandise in question to Boom I.T. without charge.
  • Boom I.T. is not obligated to provide any replacement or loaner computers, laptops, devices, components, or replacement parts during any return/warranty / RMA process.
  • Overclocking computers, computer components (motherboards, CPUs, GPU’s memory) voids warranty coverage offered by Boom I.T.
  • Boom I.T. Warranty replacement is limited to one replacement and/or service during the warranty period.
  • Customer neglect (water, smoke, physical damage) voids warranty.

Obtaining Warranty Service:

To obtain service under any warranty, contact Boom I.T. at 1-709-739-8777, or by e-mail at

If the problem cannot be resolved over the phone, a technician will either authorize replacement part(s) or the return of the system to Boom I.T. for repair.

The customer is responsible for returning products to Boom I.T.  286 Torbay Road St. John’s, NL A1A 4L6

A Customer Support representative will instruct the customer on the specific service details for each situation. The following is a list of information concerning equipment return:

The technician who authorizes the return of the equipment will issue a work order / RMA number. This number must be clearly marked on the outside of each box returned to Boom I.T. Boom I.T. reserves the right to refuse any boxes or equipment without an RMA number clearly visible.

Boom I.T. shall not be responsible for the failure of the delivery service to make on-time delivery, nor shall Boom I.T. be responsible for the rate at which RMA product is returned to the Customer

Un-returned merchandise is the responsibility of the customer and manufacturer of the product and Boom I.T. holds no responsibility once the RMA has been sent to the manufacturer.

In addition, failure to return defective merchandise to Boom I.T. within a period of ten (10) business days of receipt of the RMA number may result in denial of future part replacement, RMA services, and on-site services.

Boom I.T. is not responsible for data loss during a hardware failure while handling returned defective goods and recommends backing up all important data, if applicable, before returning the product for service.

Include a brief note describing the problem, including the serial number and order number (printed on your invoice/receipt). Please use original box and packaging, or comparable packaging, to protect the equipment during transit. Do not include unnecessary items, such as discs, peripherals, software, manuals, cables, monitors, or other items not pertinent to the repair.

Section III – Typical Boom I.T. warranties and associated charges

Note all warranties apply to new components.  Used components are offered with no warranty.

Warranties do not cover physical damage.

Warranty concerns are subject to testing.

A $50 testing charge (per component) will apply if the component is found to be within the manufacturer’s specifications.

Testing may take up to 7 days.  Only if a fault is confirmed will remediation be offered.

Hard drives/storage media

Any products that have been removed from the packaging are subject to RMA with the manufacturer.

Internal components (Motherboard, Hard Drives, Memory, CPU, Video Cards, Power supplies)

Warranty-service will be offered for one year when components have been sold as an assembly and thirty days when purchased separately.

External components (Monitors, Cables, Networking Equipment)

Warranty-service will be offered for thirty days.

Simple electronics (Cases/Fans/Mods)

Manufacturer’s warranty applies to all cases, including bundled power supplies, which will be facilitated by Boom I.T.

Peripherals Keyboard/Mice/Bluetooth/Microphone/Laptop Accessories

All items in this category must be warranted through the manufacturer.

Section IV – Service agreement

Boom I.T. has developed the following standard service agreement as related to customer repair requests:

  • Boom I.T is not liable for data, data loss, or incidental costs for any loss of data by hardware failure or any other means.
  • A minimum $25 ($50 for laptop circuit-board level) diagnostic fee applies to all services.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, items not picked up within thirty (30) days after service options have been presented are considered derelict property of Boom I.T and will be destroyed.
  • A $25 handling fee applies to any item kept at the request of the customer beyond the 30 days mentioned above.
  • Up to a three-week minimum waiting period may be required for any laptop repairs of circuit boards or screen replacements. During this time, if a customer determines the wait is too long, they may request the return of the unrepaired item. A minimum $25 handling fee will apply.
  • Virus and spyware removal may require your existing antivirus to be removed and replaced with AVG Free or Avast Free.
  • Format and reinstall will result in personal software such as MS Office, Skype, iTunes, etc. being removed and it is not the responsibility of Boom I.T to reinstall. Cached passwords may be lost.

Section V – Support Information

Support Procedures

When contacting Boom I.T. for technical support, Boom I.T. will ask the Customer to participate in limited phone-based troubleshooting to help identify the cause of the problem. Boom I.T.’s focus on remote troubleshooting can help minimize overall system downtime by remotely fixing the problem or enable Boom I.T. to identify and, if applicable, dispatch the appropriate part in order to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

The Customer is responsible for briefing the technician by providing any or all of the following, as applicable: a tag or serial number; operating system and version; peripheral information; key software and versions (such as antivirus software); operating conditions (such as system location); any error messages that appear and when; and any steps that have already been taken to resolve the issue.

Telephone Support

Boom I.T. provides support via telephone during its operating hours of 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (21:00) Newfoundland Time on Monday through Saturday and 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (18:00) Newfoundland Time on Sundays, excluding federal and Boom I.T.-approved holidays. Boom I.T. can provide technical support for the service life of a system, whether or not a service contract exists. Replacement parts can be arranged via telephone and in addition, remote service can also be requested via telephone. Boom I.T., however, will not provide support for systems sold by third-party vendors.

On-Site Service and Delivery

On-site service is available to qualified customers. If a part has been ordered and if appropriate, an on-site visit may be scheduled once it arrives. In addition, qualified Customers can request an On-site or Remote service call at any time to help resolve network, software, or hardware issues. If On-site service is not available in the Customer’s location, the Customer will be presented with a choice between a) returning the unit to Boom I.T. for repair/installation, or b) working with a Boom I.T. technician over the phone to attempt to perform the service or installation. On-site service, unless specified otherwise, is billable at an hourly rate set by Boom I.T.

Remote Service

Boom I.T. provides remote service to qualified Customers if an issue cannot be resolved via telephone and bringing the system to Boom I.T. is inconvenient or impossible. This service can assist with software issues and installation on Microsoft Windows-based computers only, will not have any effect if the hardware is at fault and requires a small download from Boom I.T. and an active internet connection, which may be subject to bandwidth charges from the Customer’s internet provider. Boom I.T., furthermore, is not responsible for data lost before, during, or after Remote Service sessions due to “malware” activity or hardware failure. To enquire about remote service, please call 1-709-739-8777.

Section VI – Service Contracts

Extended Warranty Service

Extended warranty service contracts may be purchased within fourteen (14) days of system purchase. These contracts provide a second (2nd) or third (3rd) year warranty. If a service contract is desired outside of the fourteen (14) day window, the system must be certified by Boom I.T. staff and may be denied at the discretion of Boom I.T. Laptop/Notebook Warranties can also be extended in the same manner; However, Laptop/Notebook batteries are covered only under the initial one year warranty.

Section VII – Definitions*

Boom I.T. is representative of any of the Group of Companies (Retail, I.T. Services, Cabling, and Infrastructure).

Customer / Client is representative of any individual, business, or corporation who has engaged Boom I.T. to provide services or goods. may be interchanged with,,,

Purchase is the acceptance of the commercial offering by Boom I.T. to the consumer.  This can be verbal (in-person / on phone), electronic (email, voicemail, SMS message, social media message).  Payment is not required to ratify a purchase agreement.

Special Orders include items that are not included in the published inventory found on

Regularly stocked items include any item found on the website.

Testing applies to the re-certification of items that are being returned to Boom I.T. for refund.  These items will be re-certified by our service technicians or the manufacturer as 100% functional and operational per the manufacturer’s standards.

Boom I.T. may take up to seven days to complete the testing.  After the testing has been completed, charges for testing may apply.  These charges will be either 1) deducted from the value of the merchandise return or 2) invoiced to the customer if the product is also being returned to the customer.

RMA typically applies to the respective manufacturer’s return merchandise authorization program.  If the customer elects to deal with the manufacturer directly, Boom I.T. will be happy to provide manufacturer RMA contact details to the customer.

Section VIII – Information retention policy

Note that all communications and customer requests with Boom I.T. are recorded and confidentially archived.  This includes sales receipts, estimates, purchase orders, phone calls, emails, website information and purchase requests, work orders, trouble tickets, RMA information, video and audio surveillance, etc.

Section IX – Terms and conditions

All warranty and return policies are subject to change.  Please refer to this document for current warranty/return policy information.

Boom I.T. reserves the right to refuse a customer’s business.

Section X – Statutory and Regulatory Compliance

Boom I.T. maintains certifications, is PIPEDA compliant and WHSCC certified.

Boom I.T. will report any findings of illegal/illicit activities should they be found on a client’s computer.  If a computer system is suspected to be stolen, details will be reported to the RNC or RCMP.